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Portfolio of Space-Technology Research (By Subject)


Additive Layer Manufacturing

Additive Layer Manufacturing; Rapid Prototyping; Rapid Tooling; Novel Coatings; Materials Development; Advanced Ceramics Synthesis and Processing. 3D Printing and related areas such as light-weighting, printed electronics, 4D Printing etc - Dr Gregory Gibbons (Website)


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, Advanced and Functional Materials, Micro and Nano-fabrication, Surface Science, Lithography, Electron Beam Lithography and Surface Chemistry: - Dr Simon Leigh (website)



Battery Technology

Battery technology and Fuel Cells for Space application. Work on direct urine fuel cells which could be very useful for long-distance missions - Prof. Shanwen Tao (Website)




Communications and Statistical Signal Processing, Performance Analysis, Energy Harvesting, Wireless Relaying, Cognitive Radios, Ultra-wide Bandwidth, Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Systems, Channel Estimation, Fading Channels, Modulation - Dr Yunfei Chen (Website)


Control Theory and Modelling

Control theory and modelling, system level, data analysis - Dr. Igor Khovanov (Website)



Electro-Mechanical Control Systems

Control of electrical machines (electrical drives) and automation of technological processes. It includes application of control theory for design of electrical drives and generators, implementation of the control based on power electronics and microcontrollers, integration of AC and DC drives with automation systems (PLCs, SCADA), rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulations for electromechanical control systems, and design of automation circuits.

Dr. Oleh Kiselychnyk - (Website)



Failure Avoidance via Design & Operation

Failure Avoidance through various means in design and operation - Dr. Jeff Jones (Website)


Fluid Flows Simulation

Simulation of fluid flows in situations where classical methods fail. Particularly in rarefied gas flows, e.g. space applications.

Prof. Duncan Lockerby (Website)


Form-finding Techniques

Form-finding techniques and shape optimisation. Prof. Wanda Lewis (Website)



Harsh Environment Electronic Devices

Power electronics, and harsh environment electronics (extremes of hot, cold, radiation and vibration etc.) - Dr. Peter Gammon (Website)



Instrumentation to Aid the Design Process

Instrumentation to aid the design process and to understand the operation of complex systems. Performing basic and applied research in optical sensing technologies with applications across engineering, industry, the biological sciences and clinical practice. The research is frequently multi-disciplinary. Prof. David Towers (Website)




Frequency Selective Surfaces/Periodic Structures, Computational Electromagnetics, Antennas - Dr Christos Mias (Website)


Micro-organism Behaviour Monitoring

Monitoring the behaviour of micro-organisms in a zero G environment. SO observing (recording) behaviour and analysing behaviour through image/ signal processing - Prof. Christopher James (Website)


Multiscale Materials Modelling

Research applies atomic scale modelling to understand and control the mechanical properties of structural materials such as ceramics and metals. Simulations could be used to predict how materials would behave in the extreme environments found in space applications (e.g. extreme temperature and/or pressure, chemically aggressive environments, etc.) - Dr James Kermode (Website)



Optical Communications

Free space optical communications. Intelligent systems to assist with data fusion and information processing.

Dr Mark Leeson (Website)



Reconfigurable Computing

Reconfigurable Computing. Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) including runtime partial reconfiguration for adaptive and reliable systems. Design of hardware for efficient image and signal processing from sensors in constrained scenarios.Dr. Suhaib Fahmy (website)


Sensors and Sensor Systems

Sensors and Sensor Systems, Micro-fluidic devices, and Micro-stereo-lithography for microfabrication - Dr. James Covington (Website)


Sensors & ASIC Devices

Resonant sensors based on piezoelectric materials and instrumentation. Also integrated silicon-based sensors, analogue, digital and mixed signal ASIC devices, smart sensors, actuators and microsystems - Dr Marina Cole (Website)


Sensors & Electronics

Highly sensitive magnetic field sensors, Infrared sensors, including thermal imaging. Ultra-high frequency electronics. - Prof. Tim Ashley (Website)


Solar Thermal Energy

Adsorption refrigeration/heat pumping, & Solar Thermal Energy (NOT PV). Prof. Bob Critoph (Website)


Systems Modelling & Mathematical Control

Systems modelling and analysis, and mathematical control - Dr Neil Evans (Website)



Thermal modelling

High performance computing for battery thermal modelling - Dr Yongman Chung (Website)


Thermoelectric materials

Thermoelectric materials, theoretical design of nano structured thermoelectrics, etc. Thermoelectrics as the main power sources of space exploration - Dr. Neophytos Neophytou (Website)