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What is Humanitarian Engineering

Designing and engineering solutions to the world’s most complex and diverse humanitarian issues.

Academics at Warwick have been developing an innovative and holistic approach to Humanitarian Engineering. Through funding and research , Warwick is now able to offer this new and exciting course.

This course will bring together students and professionals from diverse backgrounds (e.g. law, science, education, engineering, humanities, medicine) and tackle actual societal challenges in a manner very similar to the global teams assembled by today’s leading workgroups. The emphasis will be upon investigating complex humanitarian issues from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives in order to develop balanced, intelligent and synergistic solutions.


Humanitarian crises of the 21st century are complex in nature and affect huge portions of the global population- often affecting the living standards of marginalized, discriminated, underserved, or disaster/war hit groups of people.


Those who invent, design, analyse, build and test systems, structures, machines and technologies. All while considering the broad range of issues and limitations that will have an impact.

Humanitarian Engineers

Humanitarian Engineers are students, academics and professionals from multiple disciplinary backgrounds, who harness a concern for global humanitarian crises with their unique expertise and skill. Together they collaboratively research, analyse and engineer holistic, innovative solutions.