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Paving the way towards a Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Centre

The aims of the project were to:

Initiate actions towards the development of a Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Centre;
Develop a network and thus a ‘pool’ of human resources for a Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Society which will include staff, students, external partners (academics; Industry; NOGs etc);
Develop an interdisciplinary module on the theme of Humanitarian Engineering for PG students

The project involves running a Symposium on Humanitarian Engineering; The symposium was funded by IATL with the kind support of ‘Sustainable Cities’ GRP of the University of Warwick.

P-I: Dr Georgia Kremmyda

Co-I: Dr Volkan Degirmenci

Funded by: IATL (Strategic Project)

Budget: £15,900.00

End of project: October 2016