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Communication and Leadership (ES97I)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to...

  • Identify and evaluate information, presenting the output in a well-structured and appropriately referenced literature survey.
  • Critically evaluate data and present the information in a well-reasoned and presented report having a recognised technical structure.
  • Evaluate and communicate complex information via an oral presentation.
  • Work constructively as a team to address a public concern; to evaluate a complex issue and provide a sound, systematic and accessible presentation of that issue to a public audience; appraise and effectively respond to team and cultural issues.

  • Information skills: Use of word processors, spreadsheets, database software.
  • Library skills: journals, patent specifications, abstracting and citation indexes. On-line computer search of databases: WoS, Engineering Village, etc. Preparing to search; Finding information; Evaluating information; Working with information; Staying legal.
  • Writing skills: literature survey, technical reports
  • Presentation skills: oral presentations; objectives, visual aids.
  • Public engagement: public speaking, managing expectations and public relations.
  • Team working skills: personal awareness, non-verbal communication, verbal communication, inter-personal skills, personal action plans. Effective teams: composition and operation. Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Management teams roles indicator (MTRi).
  • Leadership skills.
  • Cultural skills: understanding cultural diversity, effective communication across cultures.
  • Career management skills: Career action plans, reactive & proactive job hunting, understanding the recruitment process.

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"Humanitarian challenges require people trained with a broad perspective who can communicate with different parties of different backgrounds."

Programme Director
Dr Volkan Degirmenci