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PEATER - People

Academic staff

Professor Phil Mawby

P dot A dot Mawby at warwick dot ac dot uk

Professor Li Ran

L dot Ran at warwick dot ac dot uk

Professor Layi Alatise

O dot Alatise at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Peter Gammon

P dot M dot Gammon at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Jose Ortiz Gonzalez

J dot A dot Ortiz-Gonzalez at warwick dot ac dot uk


Research staff

Dr Vishal Shah

Vishal dot Shah at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Fan Li

F dot Li dot 3 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Robert Wu

Ruizhu dot Wu at warwick dot ac dot uk


Technical staff

Dr Mark Crouch

M dot A dot Crouch at warwick dot ac dot uk

Corinne Maltby

C dot Maltby at warwick dot ac dot uk


Current research students

Supervisor: Prof Phil Mawby


Yeganeh Bonyadi

Y dot Bonyadi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Peter Handy

P dot J dot Handy at warwick dot ac dot uk


Supervisor: Prof Layi Alatise

Nereus Agbo
Burhan Etoz

Supervisor: Dr Peter Gammon


Guy Baker

Guy dot Baker at warwick dot ac dot uk


Supervisor: Prof Li Ran


Xuan Guo

X dot Guo dot 5 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Erfan Bashar

E dot Bashar at warwick dot ac dot uk


Supervisor: Dr Vish Shah


Benjamin Renz

A dot Renz at warwick dot ac dot uk


Graduated PhD Students

Year Name Thesis Title
2019 Tianxiang Dai Design, Simulation and Fabrication of 4H-SiC Power MOSFETs
2018 Zarina Davletzhanova Simulation and Characterization of Series connected Power Devices
2018 Sylvia Konaklieva Power Module Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Applications with Focus on the Die Attach Degradation
2018 Zohreh Mohammadi Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Characterisation of 4H-SiC Trench MOSFET
2017 Chunwa Chan Design, Simulation and Analysis of RESURF Si/SiC Power LDMOSFETs
2017 Han Qin Network Fault Analysis with Increased Distributed Generation Penetration and Evaluations of Present Solutions to Issues Caused by Distributed Generation
2017 Jose Ortiz Gonzalez Electrothermal Characterisation of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Power Devices for Condition Monitoring
2017 Petros Alexakis Reliability of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices under Unconventional Mode Conduction
2016 Fan Li Fabrication and Characterisation of 3C-SiC on Si Semiconductor Devices
2016 Roozbeh Bonyadi Reliability Assessment and Modelling of Power Electronic Devices for Automotive Application and Design
2016 Ji Hu Finite Element Electrothermal Modelling and Characterization of Single and Parallel Connected Power Devices
2016 Saeed Jahdi Analysis of Dynamic Performance and Robustness of Silicon and SiC Power Electronics Devices
2015 Yuan Tang Modular Multilevel Converter : Submodule Dimensioning, Testing Method, and Topology Innovation
2015 Hua Rong Development of 4H-SiC Power MOSFETs for High Voltage Applications
2014 Craig Fisher Development of 4H-SiC PiN Diodes for High Voltage Applications
2013 Ben Donnellan Introducing the Hybrid Unipolar Bipolar Field Effect Transistor: The HUBFET
2012 Martin Westmoreland Development of a Fault Tolerant MOS Field Effect Power Semiconductor Switching Transistor
2012 Hui Huang Lifetime Prediction for Power Converters
2011 Graham Roberts Evaluation of Emerging Unipolar Devices in the Motor Drive of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle
2011 Ian Swan 3-D Thermal Modelling of Power Device Packaging
2011 Peter Gammon Development of SiC Heterojunction Power Devices
2007 Mike Jennings Novel Contact Formation for 4H-SiC Power Devices