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PEATER - Facilities

Science City Cleanroom

The Science City cleanroom facility is a semiconductor fabrication laboratory in the School of Engineering dedicated to the manufacture of semiconductor devices. It is a state-of-the-art facility, operated as part of the Science City partnership with the University of Birmingham, for silicon carbide processing. The facility is a 150 m2 ISO class 6 cleanroom, with the air filtered to 1000 times normal quality. This allows for the manufacture and testing of experimental electronic devices, as the facility is equipped with lithography, etching, deposition, oxidation, annealing and testing capabilities.


Operational from early 2010, the specialised laboratory includes a semiconductor Class 1000 cleanroom, humidity controlled, with a yellow room for photolithography capable of 0.75 micron lithography and a suite of processing equipment.

The laboratory provides for research into the materials physics and device fabrication technology of silicon carbide. It also functions as an incubator unit for development of new device concepts and prototype devices for the power electronics systems community, both academic and industrial.

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SiC Materials Growth and Characterisation

The PEATER Group hosts one of the UK’s only industrial SiC CVD reactors in an ISO class 4 cleanroom . The facility can produce defect free, p and n-doped SiC layers for use in power electronics devices.

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Electrical Characterisation

This laboratory is dedicated to performing electrical measurements on power semiconductor devices. The laboratory contains the following industry standard equipment:

  • Semi-automated electrical characterisation on-wafer (or in-package) up to 10 kV, 100 A and 300 °C, using a Keysight B1505A power device analyser system and a SemiProbe semi-automated wafer prober with an ATT thermal chuck
  • Keysight E4980A LCR meter
  • Agilent spectrum analyser
  • Mercury probe station

The laboratory also contains the following power semiconductor device test rigs:

  • Back-to-back inverter test rig.
  • Inductive switching test rig.
  • Power cycling test rig.

These rigs were built in-house and allow the testing of devices at voltages up to 8 kV.

The laboratory also includes a cryogenic testing rig, capable of I-V, C-V and Hall effect measurements from room temperature to 20 K.

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ISO class-8 packaging cleanroom

This laboratory is dedicated to the packaging of semiconductor devices. Equipment includes:

  • ATV SRO-704 programmable solder reflow / thermal processing / rapid thermal annealing (RTA) oven with 950degC processing capability.
  • Dage Series 4000 bond tester, including wire bond pull, die shear and tweezer pull cartridges.
  • Cammax Precima EDB65 eutectic pick and place die bonder, including N2 cover gas.

  • Orthodyne model 20 wire bonder.

  • Mascoprint S200HFC semi-automatic screen printing machine.

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