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Equipment and facilities





Various facilities are available within the Sensors Research Laboratory (SRL) and Centre for Nanotechnology & Microengineering to design, fabricate and test Microsensors, MEMS and Smart devices. A list of these facilities is given below:

Design, Simulation and Analysis Tools

    A comprehensive suite of software tools exist for this area, including:
    • Sensor artwork (L-Edit, Autocad, Cadence)
    • Microelectronic devices (Tanner tools, Cadence, XILINX, MAGIC)
    • PCB production (EASYPC, ORCAD, Cadstar v7)
    • Simulation (PSPICE, HSPICE, Electronic Workbench, ACSL, MATLAB, Solidis, ISE, MEMS PRO, MEMSCAD, Medici, FEMLAB)
    • Programmable devices (PLDs, FPGAs, micros)
    • Data analysis (MATLAB + various toolboxes, Sigmaplot, Pirouette, UNISTAT)

      Cleanroom Facilities Available 

      Deposition of sputtered materials (e.g. gold and platinum), thermally evaporated materials, wide range of resists, electroactive polymers, Langmuir-Blodgett films

      Further facilities include:

        • Isotropic and anisotropic silicon etching
        • Reactive ion etching and PECVD
        • Optical photo-patterning
        • Single-sided and double-sided pattern alignment
        • Focused and showered ion beam milling (centre)
        • On-wafer testing, wafer dicing, wire-bonding, chip packaging and chip testing

          Measurement Facilities Available


          In addition to the fabrication facilities listed above a number of measurement techniques are available including:

            • Step profiles (Talystep, Nanostep)
            • Scanning tunnelling, atomic and lateral force microscopies
            • Microstructure: XRD, SEM, TEM, X-ray reflectance, Scanning Auger, Mossbauer spectroscopies
            • X-ray interferometry
            • Ultrasonic characterisation
            • Electrochemical characterisation: cyclic voltammetry, rotating disk electrode and computer-controlled potentiostatic methods (University of Southampton)