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School of Engineering Microsensors & Bioelectronics Laboratory

Purple and blue montage of sensor equipment

The Microsensors and Bioelectronics Laboratory is headed by Professor Julian Gardner FREng which is part of the Sensors and Devices Research Group within the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick.

MBL Group Photo

Research focus

CMOS based chemical sensors Bioengineering and biomimetic sensors
Electronic noses Dynamic modelling of sensors
Analogue VLSI design Plasmonic infra-red CMOS devices
Micro-fluidics/lab-on-a-chip Flow and Pressure CMOS sensors
Micro-stereo lithography SAW/SMR acoustic sensors


We are currently collaborating with the following research centres and companies:

  • Power Devices Group (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Acoustic Sensors Group (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Fuel Cell Group (University College London, UK)
  • Institute of Microtechnology (Neuchatel, Switzerland)
  • Flusso Sensors Ltd (Cambridge, UK)
  • Sorex Sensors Ltd (Cambridge, UK)
  • Samsung, AMS, Philips, Thales, Intel, Siemens, Micro-semi

Recent news

Full List of Publications (Feb 2021)

Prof. Gardner admitted to the Worshipful Company of Engineers as a Freeman (Jan 2021)

Publication on "Optimising deep learning at the edge for accurate hourly air quality prediction" (Jan 2021)

Short Biography of Professor Gardner (April 2020)

Prof. Gardner becomes Fellow of the IEEE for his work on CMOS sensors and e-Noses (May 2019).

Prof. Gardner joint winner of Royal Society Mullard award for his work on innovating his research research. (July 2018).

Prof. Gardner awarded IAAM Scientist Medal 2018 for contributions to advanced materials and technologies. (Feb 2017)

Prof. Gardner wins prestigous IEEE Technical Award 2017 from Instrumentation & Measurement Society.

5 papers presented at IEEE Sensors 2017 Conference 29 Oct to 1 Nov in Glasgow.

IEEE Sensors Letter on H2S detection using temperature-modulated CMOS gas sensor (August 2017)

Presented work on breath analysis at ISOCS Sniffphone Winter School (March 2017)

J Micromech Microeng article on graphene based humidity sensor using FBAR sensor (March 2017)

SOREX Sensors Ltd founded with Cambridge (Jan 2017)

Sens Act B article on detecting PPB levels of NO2 in harsh environments (January 2017)