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Research Staff


Prof. Julian Gardner FREng FRS

Head of Research Laboratory

  • Electronic Noses (E-noses)
  • Smart chemical sensors/MEMS



Dr. Barbara Urasinska-Wojcik

Visiting Fellow, Sorex Sensors Ltd

  • Nanomaterials
  • VOC FBAR sensors
  • Analytical chemistry

Dr Marina Cole

Professor Marina Cole

Professor of Electronic Engineering

  • Piezoelectric sensors
  • RF circuits and VLSI design
 Frank Courtney

Frank Courtney

Sensors Research Technician

  • Machining and prototyping
  • Ultrasonic wire bonding
  • Clean room management

Ian Griffith

Ian Griffith

Electronics Engineer

  • Electronic circuit design
  • PCB layout design and fabrication
  • Device assembly and testing

Dr. Karthick Kannan Padmanathan

UKRI Research Fellow

  • Materials science
  • Gas/Chemical sensors
  • Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  • Electro-analytical chemistry


Dr. Usman Yaqoob

UKRI Research Fellow

  • Gas/Chemical sensors
  • MEMS resonators
  • Piezoelectric nanogenerators


Dr. Siavash Esfahani

Part-time Research Fellow

• Chemical sensors
• Interface circuitry


Dr. Farah Villa-Lopez

Researcher, WMG

  • Design of MEMS based acoustic sensors
  • SMR based particle sensors




 Meer Hesam Farazmand


• Biosensors
• Microfluidics
Dr Zoltán Rácz

Dr Zoltan Racz

Visiting Fellow, UK

  • Biosensors

Dr. Prasanta Guha

Visiting Fellow, India

  • Gas sensing materials


Group alumni

Shrey PathakMr. Shrey Pathak

• Submitted thesis in 2012
• Now at Bath University
Dr. Marina Talib Dr. Marina Talib

• Received Ph.D. in 2012
Gurmukh SehraDr. Gurmukh Sehra

• Received Ph.D. in 2005
Jesus Garcia GuzmanDr. Jesus Garcia Guzman

• Received Ph.D. in 2005
Forest TanDr. Forest Tan

• Received Ph.D. in 2006
• Now with NTU
Takao IwakiDr. Takao Iwaki

• Received Ph.D. in 2007
Costas ArgyridesDr. Costas Argyrides

• Research Fellow in Term 2 and 3 in 2008
Irina LeonteDr. Irina Leonte
• Received Ph.D. in 2008
Jaleed KhawajaDr. Jaleed Khawaja

• Received Ph.D. in 2009
Dr Sherzad Al-KhalifaDr. Sherzad Al-Khalifa

• Senior Research Fellow until 2010
Khaled AggourMr. Khaled Aggour

• Received M.Sc. in 2010
Fauzan Che HarunDr. Fauzan Che Harun

• Received Ph.D. in 2010
Philip KingDr. Philip King

• Received Ph.D. in 2010
• Now at Bournemouth University
Prasanta GuhaDr. Prasanta Guha

• Postdoctoral Fellow in 2009-10
Foysol ChowdhuryDr. Foysol Chowdhury

• Senior Research Fellow 2010-11
• Now with Cambridge CMOS Sensors
James TaylorDr. James Taylor

• Received Ph.D. in 2011
Alam AliMr. Alam Ali

• M.Sc. student 2010-11