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PJ Ahmadi

Aim: EngD in Wide Bandgap Power Electronics


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My supervisors are Prof. Philip Mawby, Dr. Oleh Kiselychnyk and Dr. Jose Ortiz Gonzalez

My research is sponsored by the School of Engineering.


Pouya Ahmadi received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electromechanical from Coventry University in the UK (2018 - 2021). Before this, he was unable to complete the last year of his Bachelor's degree in Solid-state Physics from Yazd University, Iran (2006 - 2010).

During his undergraduate studies at Coventry University, he began taking a keen interest in energy conversion by designing and modeling power electronics converters and invertors using wide bandgap power semiconductor devices. Especially for high voltage, high frequency, high efficiency and high-power density applications.

Guided by his curiosity, ambition and as he wanted to further educate himself on power semiconductor devices, he decided to pursue the Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Wide-Bandgap Power Electronics with the Future Mobility Technologies at Centres of Doctoral Training of Warwick University. This research focuses on the underpinning technologies for mobility applications and their connectivity to electrical power grids and networks through the emerging UK industry in Wide-Bandgap Power Electronics. In parallel, he has always been fascinated by nature and concerned about human activities that cause damage (either directly or indirectly) to the environment. Therefore, he desires to play his role in slowing down climate change and global warming and to be involved in the global challenge of moving towards a more sustainable future.

Research Interests

  • Power electronics
  • Optimization of energy conversion
  • Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors
  • Modeling of power semiconductor devices

Other Interests

  • Philosophy, art, history, culture, poetry and language
  • Fashion, traveling, climbing and hiking
  • Nature and animals


My Research

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Recent Publications

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