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2nd BEE workshop 28-29 March 2019

Electrical Cell Biology Workshop

28/29 March 2019
Radcliffe Conference Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK


The theoretical and experimental inquiry within biological sciences has never fully embraced an electrical viewpoint. While important studies of bioelectrical processes have and are being conducted, such as the Nobel-winning chemiosmotic mechanism of energy generation and the chemical basis of neuronal electrical processes, these are commonly considered as confined processes not relating to other cellular functions or being specific to certain cell types only (e.g. neurons). Fragmented individual studies on a diverse range of biological systems, conducted over the last decade, however, show that electrical forces and electrochemical gradients are fundamental in maintaining all kinds of cellular functions and organising them across space/time.

We are at an exciting nexus, to develop a new theoretical and experimental framework that links electrical forces to the cell biological mechanisms that generate, sense, and use them. The goal of this workshop is to gain a better understanding of diverse cellular functions in the context of cellular microenvironments, which can lead to new ways of their engineering through electronic interfacing of biological systems.


Shelley Minteer | Mustafa Djamgoz | Teuta Pilizota | Edward Farmer

Gurol Suel | Pat Unwin | Joff Silberg | Giovanni Sena

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