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Pre Prints

6. ChemChaste: Simulating spatially inhomogenous biochemical reaction-diffusion systems for modelling cell-environment feedbacks

Connah G. M. Johnson, Alexander G. Fletcher, Orkun S. Soyer

Posted October 22, 2021 | bioRxiv link

5. Thioflavin T indicates membrane potential in mammalian cells and can affect it in a blue light dependent manner
Emily Skates, Hadrien Delattre, Zoe Schofield, Munehiro Asally, Orkun S. Soyer
Posted October 22, 2021 | bioRxiv link
4. Novel microbial syntrophies identified by longitudinal metagenomics
Sebastien Raguideau, Anna Trego, Fred Farrell, Gavin Collins, Christopher Quince, Orkun S Soyer
Posted July 05, 2021 | bioRxiv link
3. Multi-site enzymes as a mechanism for bistability in reaction networks
Clarmyra Hayes, Elisenda Feliu, Orkun S Soyer
Posted May 07, 2021 | bioRxiv link | In print ACS Synthetic Biology January 2022
2. A low-cost DIY device for high resolution, continuous measurement of microbial growth dynamics.
Kalesh Sasidharan, Andrea S Martinez-Vernon, Jing Chen, Tiantian Fu, Orkun Soyer
Posted Sept 04, 2018 | bioRxiv link
1. Machine learning based prediction of functional capabilities in metagenomically assembled microbial genomes.

Fred Farrell, Orkun S Soyer, Christopher Quince
Posted April 25, 2018 | bioRxiv link