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Georgina Charlton


BSc Hons Chemistry 2011-2014 University of Warwick

MSc AS:MIT 2015-2016 University of Warwick

PhD MAS CDT 2016-present University of Warwick

PhD Project

Life sciences project with Dr Alex Jones on "Developing mass spectrometry based proteomic methods to identify and quantify protein carbonylation in plants". After finishing the AS:MIT MSc, was moved onto the MAS CDT for PhD. The updated MAS CDT web page can be found here.

MSc Project

Magnetic resonance project with Dr Jozef Lewandowski on "Development of sample preparation methods to study antibody-drug conjugates". Antibody-drug conjugates can be used to directly target infected cells, with minimal side effects. There are currently two such conjugates on the market as an alternative to chemotherapy for cancer treatment. A new way of characterising them especially at an atomic level is needed before they can become more widely available. Sedimentation is a promising avenue and the project centres around the development of an ultracentrifuge tube which the sample can be sedimented in and then directly transferred to an NMR rotor using ultracentrifugation, thus reducing sample loss. Results were very successful and the tubes designed in the project were able to reach 700,000 g in the ultracentrifuge.

Other Academic Work

URSS on "Analysis of Ligand Binding to the Carbohydrate Recognition Domain of DC-SIGNR" in Chemical Biology with Dr Ann Dixon. Which consisted of a low pH titration of DC-SIGNR with mannose, in order to better understand its binding to HIV. The findings are due to be published by Dr Ann Dixon.


Georgina Charlton

Senate House
University of Warwick

g dot charlton at warwick dot ac dot uk