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MSc Programme

Important Information regarding 2019 entry

MAS CDT will not be accepting any new applications from 2019 onwards. However there is a new replacement scheme of studentships available at the Warwick CDT for Analytical Science

Applications are now open at the Warwick CDT for Analytical Science

The MAS CDT degree is a combined MSc + PhD programme:

  • 1 year MSc in Molecular Analytical Sciences
  • 3 year PhD in Analytical Sciences, designed to train students for multi-disciplinary research.

The first year of the programme may also be taken as a stand-alone MSc.

MSc in Molecular Analytical Sciences

The MSc course starts with a pre-sessional week at Warwick during which social, networking and learning sessions will allow the new students to meet each other and revise some undergraduate level concepts.

The MSc year consists of two 6-month blocks: a taught section of 12 modules and a research section of 2 research projects:

The two 10 week research projects are unique to each student. You will be embedded in two different research environments allowing you to gain necessary experience before moving on to your PhD.

Although the MSc is a formally assessed programme and we treat the assessment process seriously, the aim is to equip you with skills you need for research across the analytical sciences. Our concern is therefore to ensure you can use skills rather than merely pass an exam or submit an assignment.

Students from different backgrounds will find different aspects of the course more challenging. Where required, such as for students from non-mathematical backgrounds needing an introduction to basic mathematical skills, the student cohort may be divided into two groups with specially tailored teaching material and assessed work. Students are also strongly encouraged to learn to teach each other - this being one of the key skills required for multidisciplinary research.

The normal period of study for the MSc is 12 months full-time, the period of study for the postgraduate diploma is six months full-time and for the postgraduate certificate it is between three and six months full-time.

MSc Course Director:


2015 onwards Dr Nikola Chmel

 Claudia Blindauer

2014/15 Dr Claudia Blindauer