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Aron Summer

Welcome to my Warwick webpage, I am a materials chemist with a background in analytical chemistry and fuctional materials. I'm currently in my second year of my PhD in solid state chemistry supervised by Prof. Richard I. Walton.


Title: Analysis of Atomic Order and Disorder in Mixed-Metal Oxide Materials of Relevance for Heterogeneous Catalysis using Experiment and Modelling.

Supervisor: Prof. Richard I. Walton (Walton Group)

Industrial Suporvisors: Dr. David Thompsett (Johnson Matthey) & Dr. Helen Y. Playford (SFTC: ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)

Academic Background
Msc in Molecular Analytical Science, Warwick University

Graduated with a Merit in 2017.

MSc Research Projects

  1. Detailed structural analysis of agrichemicals using advanced mass spectrometry methods.
    Supervisor: Prof. Peter B. O'Connor (Peter O'Connor Group)
    Industrial Supervisors: Dr. Simon Perry & Dr. Mansoor Syaeed (Syngenta)

  2. Electrochemistry as a Probe of Surface Catalysis at the Nanoscale
    Supervisors: Prof. Patrick R. Unwin, Dr. Changhui Chen (WEIG)
    Industrial Supervisor: Colin Brennan (Syngenta)

BSc in Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science, Coventry University

Graduated with a upper second class in 2016.

Undergraduate Research Project

Evaluating the use of magnetron sputtering to produce an elemental copper/silver catalyst film for electroless copper activation.

Supervisor: Dr. John Graves, Research Fellow, Faculty Research Centre for Manufacturing and Materials Engineering.


J. Graves, M. Bowker, A. Summer, A. Greenwood, C. P. de Le ́on and F. Walsh,Electrochemistry Communications, 2018,87, 58–62