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Open Source Code

Simple MATLAB protocol for selecting, reading and plotting data from:

HPLC; Jasco (.csv)
Raman; Renishaw, Thermo Scientific (.txt; .spa; .csv)
Raman; Biotools (.plt; .txt)
Cyclic Voltammetry; CH Instruments (.txt)
Current/time; CH Instruments (.txt)
UV-Vis; Jasco (.txt)
ECSPM CV; Labview (.tsv)
XRF; Bruker (.xlsx)

Current features:

Selecting files through selection boxes, automatic reading of file types above, saving the data as a MATLAB structure in a selected folder. Function for selecting and plotting files from the structure.

To use download .zip, unpack into MATLAB folder and add to path (including folders and subfolders), .

Current stable version:

Date Notes .zip
October2018 Fixed settings extraction for SICM