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James Town


4 year MSci Physics course, focusing on materials science, imaging and NMR (Mostly MRI). My final year project was gaining experimental data to prove the validity of a mathematic model of the geometric distortion of an ionic liquid droplet in a capcitor cell due to dielectrophoresis.

Also between 3rd and 4th year I undertook a summer project in the study and development of non flourinated fire fighting foams for Angus Fire, giving me some experience in both working with industry partners and in research and development style projects.

Interests (Scientific)

Current work focuses on the application of tandem mass spectrometry techniques to polymer analysis to probe both complex architectures and reaction kinetics. The main focus is on characterising the products of statistical copolymerizations.

Interests (General)

I am a keen musician, playing guitar, drums and bass, as well as being a singer having sung in Opera Warwick's performance of The Marriage Of Figaro.