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Nathan Parsons


Graduated from University of Warwick with First Class honours in Master of Mechanical Engineering (MEng Hons).

Currently studying Molecular Analytical Science (MSc).

Research Interests

  • Nanocomposites modelling
  • Biomaterials synthesis
  • Biomedical engineering

Conference Presentations

Prediction of Mechanical Properties in Polymer-Graphene Nanocomposites. NR Parsons and Ł Figiel (2015), MOAC/MAS/CAS-IDP 2015 Annual Conference ("Science in the Political Landscape") [8th-11th June 2015, UK]

Novel albumen-mediated synthesis of Mg-substituted nano apatites. NR Parsons and KK Mallick (2013), Materials in Medicine 1st International Conference [8th-11th October 2013, Faenza, Italy]

Sonochemical synthesis and characterisation of hydroxyapatite nanopowders. NR Parsons, KK Mallick and MN Keary (2013), Royal Society of Chemistry 11th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC11) [8th-11th July 2013, University of Warwick, UK]

Rapid synthesis of eggshell derived hydroxyapatite using microwave irradiation. NR Parsons and KK Mallick (2013), UK Society for Biomaterials Annual Conference [24th-25th June 2013, University of Birmingham, UK]

Rapid synthesis of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite from biowaste eggshell via microwave irradiation for tissue engineering applications. NR Parsons and KK Mallick (2013), International Conference of Undergraduate Research [10th May 2013, University of Warwick, UK]

Utilisation of biowaste to bioceramic hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering. NR Parsons and KK Mallick (2013), British Conference of Undergraduate Research [15th-16th April 2013, University of Plymouth, UK]


Contact Information

Nathan Parsons
Top floor, Senate House
University of Warwick

Email: nathan dot parsons at warwick dot ac dot uk

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