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Nicole Kelly


First class Hons Forensic Science MSci -University of Kent 2011-2015

Molecular Analytical Science MSc - University of Warwick 2015/2016


Nicole completed the MAS MSc in 2016 and is currently in the third year of her PhD.


Nicole is currently undertaking the third year of her PhD in the Hanna group (solid state NMR) and Dove group (polymers) investigating the molecular mobility of polymers and the relation to their physical and thermal properties.

The first aspect of Nicole's PhD is to determine why Poly(lactide) degrades under ambient conditions over time. Poly(Lactide) is a highly important bio-polymer with many uses, the research involves combining solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry to investigate the behaviours over time of semi crystalline and amorphous poly(lactide).

The second aspect of Nicole's research is investigating injection moulded materials and how their mechanical and thermal properties relate to crystallite and domain sizes and molecular motion as measured by small angle x-ray scattering and solid state NMR.

The third aspect of Nicole's research is using th ecombined ssNMR, XRD, SAXS/WAXS and DSC approach to investigate elastomeric materials and how the cis/trans ratio and molecular weight affect the molecular mobility and consequently the mechanical properties and crystallinity of the materials


Miniproject 1 - Understanding the physical ageing of high-heat Poly Lactide using Solid-state NMR

Poly(Lactide) is a renewable, biodegradable bio-polymer which has a wide range of uses from plastic wrapping to car parts. PLA has the problem that it degrades at 20-40oC so cannot be mass produced and stored. In her project Nicole used solid-state NMR to try to understand the cause of this problem by analysing three PLA samples of varying isomer ratios.

Miniproject 2 - Assessing the risk of segregation in Pharmaceutical powders and blends

Segregation occurs in powder containg particles of different size, shape and density, there has been significant research into segregation of powders, there are currently three ways of modelling segregation, layer inversion, discrete particle modelling and the particle segregation model. The particle segregation model by Di Maio was the basis for the model produced, there is currently no scale for segregation. In this project a model with boundary conditions based on t-tests from experimental data and a segregation probability map, using t-tests for theoretical distributions was developed.

Conferences Attended

NMR Postgraduate discussion group, University of Warwick, 21/06/18. Poster presented (runner-up post award)

Practical Applications of NMR in Industry, San Diego, 05/03/18

Previous Work

MSci project - The development of photosensitive polymer films using silver nitrate. The project involved looking at the conductance of silver nanoparticles formed on exposure to sunlight and their presence within polymer thin films.

Other Interests

Member of the Universtiy of Warwick Taekwondo Club. Nicole has started competing on a national level.

Member of the University of Warwick Fencing Club. Nicole is regularly part of the armoury team at fencing competitions and competes on a student and national level.