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Tobie Bird

Current Studies

I am currently a first year PhD student in the Molecular Analytical Science CDT.

I am part of the Senn Group in the Chemistry department, and co-supervised by Dr Nicholas Bristowe of the University of Kent.

My project involves studying the dynamics of molecular ions in hybrid perovskites via a combination of experimental methods and molecular dynamics simulations.

Hybrid perovskites are a class of material being studied as potential cheap, high efficiency solar cells. They differ from normal perovskites in that their “A” site is an organic cation (most commonly CH3NH3+, methylammonium). An understanding of how the dynamics of these ions effect the desirable properties of the material as a photovoltaic, such as charge carrier statistics, will help the development of future materials.

Previous Education

2012-2016: Mathematics and Physics (BSc MMathPhys) at the University of Warwick

Masters Project: Investigating the Electronic Properties of Strained Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films

Supervisor: M. Alexe (Physics)

2016-2017: Molecular Analytical Science MSc at the University of Warwick

MSc Mini Projects:

1) Understanding Chemical Fate in Porous Media Using Solid State NMR

Supervisors: J. T. Jones (DSTL), S. P. Brown (Physics)

2) Analytical Studies of Molecular Perovskites - Towards the Design of Enhanced Photovoltaic Materials

Supervisor: M. Senn (Chemistry)

Other Interests

I currently play trombone in the University of Warwick Big Band, and have served on the executive committee for both Big Band and the Wind Orchestra. I have also played trombone for Music Theatre Warwick, Warwick Opera and the Symphony Orchestra, and baritone horn for the Brass Society.