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Tobie Bird

Current Studies

I am currently a final year PhD student in the Molecular Analytical Science CDT.

I am part of the Senn Group in the Chemistry department, and co-supervised by Dr Nicholas Bristowe of the University of Durham.

My project involves developing a new method for studying lattice dynamics with experimental local structure data. Using a symmetry-adapted approach grounded in representation theory, the deviation of the local structure from the average along high-symmetry phonon eigenvectors can be determined. We use total scattering experiments, both X-ray and neutron based, to obtain pair distribution functions for the purpose of this analysis.


Symmetry Adapted Pair Distribution Function Analysis (SAPA): A Novel Approach to Evaluating Lattice Dynamics and Local Distortions from Total Scattering Data

Tobias A. Bird, Anna Herlihy, Mark S. Senn, Journal of Applied Crystallography, Accepted

Anharmonicity and scissoring modes in the negative thermal expansion materials ScF3 and CaZrF6

T. A. Bird, J. Woodland-Scott, L. Hu, M. T. Wharmby, J. Chen, A. L. Goodwin, M. S. Senn, Physical Review B, 101 (2020), 064306

Previous Education

2012-2016: Mathematics and Physics (BSc MMathPhys) at the University of Warwick

Masters Project: Investigating the Electronic Properties of Strained Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films

Supervisor: M. Alexe (Physics)

2016-2017: Molecular Analytical Science MSc at the University of Warwick

MSc Mini Projects:

1) Understanding Chemical Fate in Porous Media Using Solid State NMR

Supervisors: J. T. Jones (DSTL), S. P. Brown (Physics)

2) Analytical Studies of Molecular Perovskites - Towards the Design of Enhanced Photovoltaic Materials

Supervisor: M. Senn (Chemistry)

Other Interests

I currently play trombone in the University of Warwick Big Band, and have served on the executive committee for both Big Band and the Wind Orchestra. I have also played trombone for Music Theatre Warwick, Warwick Opera and the Symphony Orchestra, and baritone horn for the Brass Society.