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Mini Projects

The MAS CDT MSc course comprises 2 mini-projects of 10 weeks’ duration each (36 CATS each).

One project has to have a substantial “quantitative” component (e.g. mathematical modelling, calculation, extensive data analysis), the other a substantial experimental (i.e., laboratory based) component.

The two projects can, but do not have to, be linked.

An individual student must choose projects offered by two different supervisors.

Joint supervision, including with an industrial collaborator, is possible, but there has to be a University of Warwick based academic as the named PI for each project.

Each supervisor can only host one MAS project per slot, hence maximally two projects in total per year.

Project 1 will be assessed by:

  • A poster plus flash presentation during the annual conference
  • A 2,000 word technical report

Project 2 will be assessed by:

  • A thesis in the format of a full research paper (6,000-8,000 words)
  • An oral presentation

Mark breakdown:

  • Project execution, as assessed by the supervisor: 35%
  • Written work (as assessed by supervisor and one other independent marker): 40%
  • Poster + flash presentation: 25%

Students are advised that mini project deadlines are very strict and penalties will be imposed for late submission.

Dates for 2019:

Mini project 1 starts: Monday 15th April 2019

Mini project 1 deadline: Friday 28th June 2019

Mini project 2 starts: Monday 1st July 2019

Mini project 2 deadline: Friday 6th September 2019

Last possible extension allowed for annual leave: Friday 13th September 2019