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Adam Boddison, BSc Mathematics, 2000-2003

I first came to Warwick in 2000 and I am still here now. In the past seven years I have taken advantage of a wide range of opportunities, both mathematical and non-mathematical, from many different parts of the University. I have completed a Secondary Mathematics PGCE, Educational Research Methods MA and am working towards a PhD in Mathematics Education.

In addition to the courses I have studied, I travelled to New York recently to undertake a project funded by Lord Rootes. I have been involved with teaching mathematics in local schools at both primary and secondary level and in 2006 I was appointed as a Lead Practitioner in Mathematics for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. Within the past few months, I have even become qualified to practice as a clinical hypnotherapist!

My achievements within the residential system at Warwick are what I am most proud of since I started seven years ago. Having become a Resident Tutor in Rootes a few years ago, I moved over to Westwood and am currently the Warden of Lakeside. This role allows me to share the "Warwick experience" with many students all year round. I am also a member of the Warwick Mathematics Institute Alumni Advisory Group.

Wed 11 Apr 2007, 13:48