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MA933 - Module Resources

2018/19 version, will be updated in due course

Lecturer: Stefan Grosskinsky (email)

TA: Emma Southall (email)

Monday/Tuesday: class test and viva for MA934, no lectures classes for MA933 on Tuesday
Thursday: revision class from 12 in D1.07
Thursday: class test 3-5pm in D1.07
Friday: vivas

See calendar for up to date timetable.

Lectures: Tue 11-1 and Fri 11-1 in D1.07

Classes: Tue 2-4 and Fri 2-4 in D1.07


  • list of exam topics
  • Written class test (about 1.5 hours) on Thu 01.11. at 5pm in D1.07, counts 25/100.
    No books allowed, please only come with writing material and have your student ID number ready to put on the exam booklet.
    Previous class tests from 2014 (pdf), 2015 (pdf), 2016 (pdf) and 2017 (pdf)
  • Viva/oral examination on Fri 02.11. in D1.07, 20 minutes per student, counts 50/100.
  • homework counts 25/100 marks


Problem sheets

  • sheet 1: due Tuesday 16.10., 2pm, counts 45% of homework marks
    topics: Random walk, geometric random walk, Wright-Fisher model

  • sheet 2: due Tuesday 06.11., 2pm, counts 55% of homework marks

    topics: Kingman's coalescent, Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process, Moran model, ER and WS random graphs


  • hand-out 1: linear algebra (added some justifications on second page for those interested)
  • hand-out 2: characteristic functions, Gaussian, LLN, CLT


For class material see Emma's Github page

Additional stuff