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MSc project allocations 2020/2021

Student Project Supervisors
Olayinka Ajayi Deep Spatiotemporal Models for Video Representation Learning Tanaya Guha (Computer Science) and Subarna Tripathi (Intel Labs)
Zak Gittins Projecting the effectiveness of control interventions during infectious disease epidemics Robin Thompson (Mathematics) and Ed Hill (Life Sciences)
Charlie Hepburn Model-based off-line reinforcement learning Giovanni Montana (WMG)
Callum Ilkiw Manipulation-resistant Social Networks Paolo Turrini (Computer Science)
Alex Kaye Modelling the impact of a changing environment on vector-borne disease epidemic risks Robin Thompson (Mathematics) and

Mike Tildesley (Life Sciences)

Satoshi Komuro Signed clustering in network neuroscience Marya Bazzi (Mathematics) and Magnus Richardson (Systems Biology)
Yiming Ma Digital Twin of Urban Crowd Victor Sanchez, Tanaya Guha and Theo Damoulas (Computer Science)
Jack O'Connor Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Algorithms and Protocols Tom Gur (Computer Science)
Byron Tzamarias Robustness and design of optimal cancer chronotherapies Nigel Burroughs (Mathematics) and Annabelle Ballesta (Institute Curie Paris)