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Summer school staff support

The MathSys Summer School 2023 is on Data Visualisation. The school will be held on campus from Monday 19th June to Wednesday 21st June 2023 (inclusive).

Staff are asked to complete the form below to indicate their availability to help manage the event. Please complete the form by 5pm on Friday 9th June 2023.

Summer School participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts in data visualisation from Warwick’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM) and other guest speakers whilst exploring relevant applications to their own research.
We will release a full agenda shortly, but we expect the summer school to include a range of useful and interesting sessions from practical matters (e.g. making your work accessible, intellectual property), to boosting interest of your work (e.g. effective communication of results to your target audience and creating graphical abstracts), to improving engagement and interaction (e.g. learning about visualisation through graphical user interfaces).
This summer school will include various interactive activities to help the students put in to practise what they learn. We will ask participants to bring along (i) a poster they have already made including the LaTeX code/editable PowerPoint/Inkscape files for it, and (ii) ideally 3 different types of plots they have already created as part of their MSc/PhD work (e.g. bar plots, line plots, 3D plots, colour maps, geographical maps) and the original data/code used to generate them.

Please tick the boxes below to indicate when you are available and able to help manage the summer school. For ease, the time slots have been divided into morning (0930-1230) and afternoon (1230-1630). We appreciate that not everyone will be available for the full slots and that some staff will have commitments such as the school run, so we have provided a text box below for you to tell us your availability.

If you indicate that you are available for a slot, we ask that you please block out the time in your diary and we will confirm as soon as possible if we need the help (depending on how many students register). Thank you.

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Wednesday 21st June (required)

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