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Previous Research

After I completed my Master's Degree, I continued to work on the same project at the University of Bari until December 2013, when I started a scholarship at the Institute of Plasma and Inorganic Methods, National Research Council, section of Bari. There I worked with Dr. Francesco Taccogna on the simulation of Dust in Plasma, and in particular on the effect of secondary electrons and of different non-equilibrium ecelctron velocity distributions that are typical in astrophysical applications. During this period I had the opportunity to attend the International Summer School on Parallel Computing at Cineca in Bologna.

Taccogna, F. and Mizzi, G. (2014), Dust in Plasma II. Effects of Secondary Electrons: Ionization and Surface Emission. Contrib. Plasma Phys., 54: 877–888. doi: 10.1002/ctpp.201400040

Coppola CM, Mizzi G, Bruno D, Esposito F, Galli D, Palla F, Longo S. (2016) State-to-state vibrational kinetics of H2 and H2+ in a post-shock cooling gas with primordial composition. MNRAS, 457 (4): 3732-3742. doi: 10.1093/mnras/stw198