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Marcos Tello Fraile

I am currently a PhD student at the Mathematics for Real-World Systems CDT, based in the Centre for Complexity Science and supervised by Professor Robert MacKay. I am currently doing a project in collabration with National Grid.

Research interests

Nonlinear Dynamics, Stochastic Dynamics, Network Theory, Random Walks, Markov Chains, Statistical Mechanics.

PhD Project

The project on which I am currently working is called DACIAO (Detection and Control of Inter-Area Oscillations). Excitations of electro-mechanical oscillatory modes are intrinsic phenomena of the dynamics of power systems, as a response to the small disturbances that are constantly happening. The correct system operation relies on the stability and damping of these modes, so a clear understanding of this phenomena is a serious concern.

The aim of the project is, in the first place, to develop a methodology for detecting and uderstandig inter-area modes. Inter-area modes are a golbal phenomena which involves several groups of generator units interconnected within a network, in contrast with other modes which are related with a single generator. That is the reason why they are harder to study and they are not fully understood yet. A second goal of the project is to propose a control philosophy to effectively damp this methods and minimize the risk of instability in the dynamic of the system.

I am working under the supervision of Professor Robert MacKay and Dr Lisa Flatley.


  • Master Degree in Theoretical Physics (2015), awared by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a thesis on "Random Walks with Memory and Generalized Thermostatistics".
  • Undergraduate degree in Physics Sciences (2013), awared by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a final dissertation on spreading process on complex networks.




Office: D1.04
Center for Complexity Science
Zeeman Building