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Recruiting Trials

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Find the latest information on WCTU trials currently recruiting for participants.

Recruiting trials

Trial name About the trial Trial Type Chief Investigator

Randomised trial of a supraglottic airway device versus tracheal intubation during in-hospital cardiac arrest

Emergency and critical care

Professor Jonathan Benger

ATNECLink opens in a new window

Axillary management in T1-3N1M0 breast cancer patients with needle biopsy proven nodal metastases at presentation after neoadjuvant chemotherapy


Associate Professor Amit Goyal

iRehab Remote multicomponent rehabilitation compared to standard care for survivors of critical illness after hospital discharge: a randomised controlled assessor-blind clinical and cost-effectiveness trial with internal pilot (iRehab) Rehabilitation

Dr Brenda O'Neill

Prof Danny McAuley

METEOR2 The Meniscal Transplant surgery or Optimised Rehabilitation - Full Randomised Trial (MeTeOR2)


Mr Andrew Metcalfe and Mr Tim Spalding

OPTIMALink opens in a new window Optimal Personalised Treatment of early breast cancer using Multi-parameter Analysis Cancer Prof Rob Stein
Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes (OHCAO) ProjectLink opens in a new window A research database to identify best practice and improve patient outcomes for those suffering pre-hospital cardiac arrest. Registry Prof Gavin Perkins

The PARAMEDIC-3 trial is looking at the most effective way to treat someone when their heart suddenly stops working out of hospital by giving drugs through a vein or into the bone. Answering this question will help to improve future treatment of people who have a cardiac arrest.

Emergency and critical care Prof Gavin Perkins
PIPA An online Parenting Intervention to Prevent affective disorders in high-risk Adolescents Mental Health Associate Prof Andrew Thompson
PROPEL Evaluation of PeRsOnalised PrEhabilitation in people with acute myeloid Leukaemia Cancer

Professor Janet Dunn

Professor Simon Stanworth


Exploring and Improving Resuscitation Decisions in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Emergency Care

Prof Gavin Perkins


Robotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trial for Hips (RACER-Hip)

Surgery and Orthopaedics

Mr Peter Wall

Professor Edward Davis

RACER-KneeLink opens in a new window

Robotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trial (RACER)

Surgery and Orthopaedics

Associate Clinical Prof Andy Metcalfe


Repurposed drugs to improve blood counts and reduce transfusions in myelodysplastic syndromes

Cancer Prof Janet Dunn

Sugammadex for preventIoN oF pOst-operative pulmoNary complIcAtions

Emergency and critical care

Dr Jon Silversides

SOSLink opens in a new window Sugar or Salt (SOS) trial: Hyperosmolar therapy in traumatic brain injury Emergency and Critical Care Prof Gavin Perkins
SIS SIS: Randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of cervical spine immobilisation following blunt trauma Emergency and Critical Care

Prof Mark Wilson

SWEET Improving outcomeS for Women diagnosed with early breast cancer through adhErence to adjuvant Endocrine Therapy (SWEET) Cancer

Professor Linda Sharp

Professor Eila Watson