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Patient and Public Involvement

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RAPPORT Public involvement in research: a realist evaluation of approaches, process and outcomes

Funder: INVOLVE/Health Services Research Programme

Start date: September 2011. End date: September 2013

PI: Tricia Wilson

Collaborators: Kendall S (Hertforshire), Goodman C (Hertfordshire), Cowe M (Hertfordshire), Munday D (Hertfordshire), Peckham S (London School of Hygiene), Howe A (Norwich), Poland F (Norwich), Staniszewska S (Warwick).

Description: This project seeks to evaluate how different approaches to public involvement in research influences the identification of priorities, research conception, design, process, findings and knowledge transfer. To capture a range of research topics and methods and outcomes six exemplar areas will be investigated for evidence of public involvement in research (PIR); these are: diabetes, arthritis, cystic fibrosis, dementia, public health and learning disabilities. Analysis will focus on how different approaches to PIR and intensity of PIR impact on how research questions are framed, the research process, the interpretation of data and ultimately the dissemination and implementation of findings to clinicians, patient groups and commissioners.

Progress: The project has completed and papers are being planned. The final report has been submitted. SS leading on the paper focusing on the importance of relationships as the glue of successful PPI. The team are working on a paper focusing on evaluating public involvement in health research: normalisation Process Theory as programme theory within a realist evaluative framework.


Mathie E, Wilson P, Poland F, McNeilly E, Howie A, Staniszewska S, Cowe M, Munday D et al (2014). Consumer Involvement in health research: a UK scoping and survey. International Journal of Consumer Studies. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 38 (1) 35-44

Wilson P, Mathie E, Keenan J, McNeilly E, Goodman C, Howe A, Poland F, Staniszewska S et al. ReseArch with Patient and Public invOlvement: a RealisT evaluation - the RAPPORT study. Health Serv Deliv Res 2015;3(38)

Staniszewska S, Keenan J, Wilson P et al (in prep). The role of relationships in successful PPI: Identifying key dimensions and contextual factors. Social Science and Medicine 

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