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The SHARED Study


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Funder: NIHR - RfPB

PI: Carole Mockford

Co-I: Kate Seers, Sophie Staniszewska, Jan Oyebode, Matt Murray,

Rashida Suleman and Rosemary Clarke

Date: 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2015



This study focuses on the experiences of carers and people with dementia from hospital discharge to 12 weeks post discharge particulary what works well, what can be improved, and involvement in decision making around service provision. The study will include the views and experiences of both carers and people with dementia at hospital discharge, then 6 and 12 weeks after discharge, with them taking a lead role in developing recommendations about discharge and support needed after discharge.


Theoretical development

This study will contribute to the scant evidence base on the experiences of service provision for people with dementia after hospital discharge and their family carers.


Methodological development

This study will contribute to the evidence base for PPI in health research studies. Service users have been and will be involved in all aspects of the research study including as co-applicants and as co-researchers.



The primary outcome of this study is a set of carer and patient-led recommendations for health and social care professionals to consult when a person with dementia leaves hospital to go home. These will be introduced to the participating sites. A further study will be developed to introduce the recommendations to other sites and to implement them into practice.





Contact: Claire New


Tel: 024 7652 2980