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Projects for 2018 entry

Project 1: Integrated platform for hybrid modelling of taste receptor signalling

Project supervisors Judith Klein-Seetharaman (Warwick) and Peter J Bond (Singapore)
Research area Molecular Cell Biology
Key aims by year

Warwick, Year 1: Understand similarities and differences of different sweeteners and sweetness modifiers' interaction with receptors.

Warwick, Year 1: Understand the effects mutations have on these interactions.

Singapore, Year 2: Use multi-scale modeling approaches to assemble the repertoire of taste receptors within membranes.

Singapore, Year 3: To analyze dynamics possibly associated with (allosteric) signalling; to investigate if the dynamics can be tuned in order to be reproducible at coarse-grained resolution.

Warwick, Year 4: Write up thesis and manuscript.

  • Structural model building
  • Docking
  • Sequence analysis
  • Coarse grained simulation (if desired, participate in biochemical and biophysical validation experiments)


Project 2: Understanding host-microbiome interactions and their impact on pathogen colonisation

Project supervisors Meera Unnikrishnan (Warwick) and Niranjan Nagarajan (Singapore)
Research area Microbiology
Key aims by year

Warwick, Year 1: Study the transcriptomic changes occurring over time in this commensal community in a co-culture gut model with selected representative bacterial species.

Warwick and Singapore, Years 1 - 3: Study the responses of this community to C. difficule colonisation.

Singapore, Years 3-4: Develop methods for modeling microbial dynamics in response to pathogen colonisation.

Warwick, Year 4: Write up thesis and manuscript.

  • Basic microbiology and molecular biology techniques
  • Cell culture methods
  • RNAseq
  • Computational analysis
  • Modelling methods