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Supporting Peers

Paulo Arroyo, Phase 3

Delivering his own talks with peers on Welcome to Phase 2, 3, CCE, audit planning, research protocols, NHS E-portfolio... arranging skills workshops, securing compulsory lecture recordings, starting lecture e-registers, raising BMA and SU motions on parking and finances... and is Chair for MedEd!


Our annual student-run Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine & Trauma Education Conference was a resounding success! Delegates from across the UK learnt management skills in an array of complex emergency scenarios, through workshops, expert-talks, and a mass-casualty simulation!

Easter Crash Course

Joanna Gass, Phase 2

Running the excellent weekly Student Sem SeMILE with Erica Sugita, Joanna also hosted an intense 3-week revision series for Phase 1's. With daily morning quizzes and peer-ran evening sessions, weekly round ups, and an extensive Kahoot! library, Joanna has dedicated her time and support to our newest students.

Disability Awareness & Sighted Guiding Training

Tom Paddock, Phase 2

Designing, creating, and delivering a new Clinical Skills session and online workbook for Phase 1, Tom worked with WMS faculty and the patient group to create students' introduction to living with disabilities. Training students to facilitate sessions, securing funding for Impaired Vision goggles, raising awareness, changing clinical practice, improving patient experience... Tom has excelled in demonstrating compassion and innovation!

To be added;

- OrthoSoc raising money for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis UK by covering the distance of Coventry to Lands End in one week

- Kaldora Ibekwe and Izzy Gallier-Birt designed and created a new VR training video, to demonstrate lived experience of racial microaggressions in a CBL setting

- Ella Lytton organised a trauma workshop series for Warwick Wilderness Medicine Society

- Sarwar Shah and Zain Mohammed organised a Guide to Phase 2 talk, offered wellbeing checks, tips on making the most from placement, and exam support

- Wild Trials 2023; Team 1 won, Team 2 came 3rd, and they won the bake-off!

- Danyal Mehrban founded WMS Muslim Medics, and advocating for Muslim community at WMS

- Disability Network surveyed students for lived experiences, created an accessible Neurodivergent Diagnostic Pathways overview with support links and educational resources

- Millie Pierce and Kirsty Matthews (P2) created, delivered, and recruited peer-teachers to host Patient Safety workshops prior to full-time placement

- Charlotte Simms (alumni) established the Rainbow Badge scheme for WMS students