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Hi! And welcome to MedSoc...

...the Warwick SU society representing the students of Warwick Medical School.

We're committed to helping all WMS students get the most out of their time here. From running socials to seminars, supporting societies to sports, charities to just chilling out – MedSoc is here for everyone.

A message from MedSoc President Abi:

Our main goal is to elevate the student experience within WMS. We are dedicated to organising a diverse array of engaging events and activities, whilst prioritising student welfare and fostering a strong sense of community. We'll do this through creating an inclusive environment where every student can thrive, both academically and personally. The whole committee is dedicated to ensuring that every MedSoc member makes the most of their time at Warwick.

Students at the yearly 'Scrubs Night' - spanning all years, and even alumni.
Our Winter Ball - undoubtedly the highlight of the social calendar!
A 2022 Welcome Week Fresher's night out - in their traditional Freshers t-shirts!


We run a wide variety of social events, so you can get to know your peers across the cohorts! Whether donning your finest for our Winter Ball, celebrating (anything) and hitting the town, or ordering pizza to watch a film with your Medic Family.

A new Medic Family at Fresher's 2022.


Surgical, WMS Pride, ArtSoc, GP, Grief Group, Sign Language, Paeds, Muslim Medics, Radiology, STAR, Psychiatry, BME, Médicins Sans Frontières, Ortho, Street Doctors, Teddy Bear Hospital… we’re sure you’ll find something that you’re interested in!

Fresher's Fair 2023 is on 30/09 and 1/10, between 11am and 3pm.

Last year at the WMS Societies Fair!

Medic Families

Anyone can sign up to our tradition of new students being matched with Phase II 'parents' - and an extended family of siblings and grandparents! They can help you settle in with pastoral support, academic resources, and advice on managing the challenging course. There's a Medic Family Social in Welcome Week, and this network helps you meet new peers through your Medic Siblings.

Our 2023/4 family form is now CLOSED. We look forward to all the families meeting during Welcome Week. If you're an incoming fresher without a family, please email our VP Di hereLink opens in a new window.