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RMD Warwick

Resuscitation for Medical Disciplines Warwick

RMD Warwick...

Is a BLS, AED, and First Aid course.

The course aligns with the peer-led teaching ethos at WMS, and is run and taught by Warwick medical students, overseen by Dr Chris Smith & Dr Helen Poulton.

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Essential skills we teach:

  • Assessment of the unconscious patient

  • Management of the unconscious, breathing patient: recovery position

  • CPR

  • Use of an AED

The course is fully endorsed by the ERC and the Resuscitation Council UK, and was developed in cooperation with RMD Birmingham (where it's ran since 1995!)

It's primarily for MB ChB Phase I students, but other years and courses are welcome to apply for remaining available spaces.

Why you should get involved:

  • Gain ERC-accreditation as a BLS provider
  • Become a BLS instructor
    • Fantastic for job applications, and can be used for the Foundation Teaching Certificate offered by WMS
  • Gain committee and leadership experience
  • Take part in community outreach and research
Contact us:


Instragram: @rmd.warwick

Twitter: @RMDWarwick