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MSc Modules offered by MOAC

The MOAC Doctoral Training Centre offers you the opportunity to undertake an MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry which is designed to train students for multi disciplinary research at the Physical Sciences / Life Sciences interface (and leads into the MOAC PhD). There are two further MSc programmes offering modules from both MOAC and other departments (more...). The timetable is at MSc Timetable.

The modules taught within MOAC are as follows. Generally speaking, each module lasts for five weeks, and there will be two modules ongoing at the same time:

Related to the maths modules, Hugo has produced some Maths Worksheets.

Note that Modules CH921 and CH922 are taught jointly with the Chemistry AS:MIT MSc students.

MOAC Students may also be eligible to take modules BS917 taught by the Systems Biology DTC or CO902 taught by Complexity Science DTC: