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MOAC's Industrial Mentoring Scheme

MOAC students are amongst the new breed of scientists trained to think interdisciplinarily from the very start of their careers. They therefore represent a considerable potential asset to industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, information technology and engineering. By pairing students with people working in these industries, students are able to gain an insight into the opportunities open to them, and in return industrial firms build direct links to top science postgraduates and academic networks.

A recent Nature article on mentoring, although particularly geared towards supervisors.

We are constantly in search of potential mentors within industry, especially young scientists. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of this scheme to you and how you can boost young students awareness of your industry, please leave your contact details with us.


Telemachus and Mentor

Telemachus and Mentor

Whilst Odysseus was fighting the Trojan War he left his son, Telemachus, under the care of Mentor. This is the origin of the word mentor: a trusted friend, counselor or teacher.