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MOAC Branding

The MOAC logo uses a simple skewed oval, in blue on white. The words "Doctoral Training Centre" or "DTC" are not part of the logo. Note that official university branding is also done in blue or black/white. Please do not change the logo to any other colours (even if some of the past seminar posters have used a greenish version).

Acknowledgements on papers

All MOAC students should acknowledge EPSRC funding on their papers. Something like "XX gratefully acknoweldges funding for a studentship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council through the MOAC Doctoral Training Centre."

Contemporary MOAC logos

These are the recommended logos you should use in your documents. They were designed by Antony Holmes and include high quality scalable vector graphics suitable for use in posters, presentations and reports. The logo has been revised to include shadowing and colour gradients. We recommend the use of the PDF or encapsulated postscript (EPS) versions where possible for best results.

Blue logo with shadowing



Blue logo without shadowing

This logo does not have shadowing and is designed for use on coloured backgrounds.




Original MOAC logos

The following are high quality versions of the original two colour logo. They are provided for compatability with older documents and are not recommended for general use.

Orginal blue logo



Orginal black logo




Other logos

These are versions of commonly used logos by Antony Holmes which you may find more useful than those provided on the official branding sites. Always check the official websites for information on how to use corporate logos.

Warwick Marque

You should read the University's Corporate Identity page which has guidelines on how to use the Warwick logos.



It is a good idea to include the EPSRC's logo in your acknowledgements as they provide MOAC's funding.




Classic "Two Colour" MOAC logo

This is our original logo, which is very simple in two colours only (blue on white). These logos are provided only for compatibility with older documents. It is recommended that you use one of the contemporary logos above in your own documents.

This black on white version of the logo is intended for use in black and white documents:

[MOAC Logo]