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Awards and Prizes won by MOAC Students

We have a separate page for all our Students' Publications.

ePortfolio Awards Competition, July 2007

Adair Richards and Peter Cock shared 3rd place for their websites in the ePortfolio Awards '07.

Yi-Wah Chan and Sam Robson were also highly commended.

ePortfolio Competition Logo

EPSRC Student Conference, June 2007

Gemma Warren and Yi Chan won poster prizes at the 2007 EPSRC Student Conference for second and third year PhD students, held in Edinburgh 25-26 June.

Biology Postgraduate Symposium, May 2007

Each year, second year PhD students based in Biology present a poster, while final year PhD students give a talk. MOAC students Antony Holmes, Yi Chan and Gemma Warren won three of the five poster prizes, and Sam Robson won one of the five talk prizes.

Postgraduate Poster Competition, May 2007

The university holds an annual postgraduate poster competition, which many MOAC students have entered. Finalists go on to enter the Midlands Regional Final, organised by the UK Grad Programme.

[PHOTO]Congratulations to MOAC's James Lister Sinfield who won the University's annual postgraduate poster competition held in May 2007.

James (2nd year PhD) convinced a panel of judges that his poster was worthy of their vote, and won first place at the competition plus prize money of £1000. This was his first attempt at the University's annual event, and he explained:

Although I've never entered a poster competition before I have made a number of posters. On one occasion I made one in a hurry and presented it down at Imperial College. Although it looked okay - there must have been around 30 spelling mistakes in it, I was mortified.

Managing to keep the typo count down to only three for his winning entry, James believes the key to his win was down to more than his poster's fine detail, admitting:

I don't think it was the best poster there.

On the day I discovered that the marking was 50% for the poster and 50% for communication of the science. I think that it was the ability to react to the questions of the judges that won me the competition.

Needless to say I was delighted to win. The prize is very welcome, but perhaps more importantly it has given me the an enormous amount of motivation and confidence with respect to communicating science.

Congratulations also to MOAC students Antony Holmes and Mike Li whose posters were picked in the top ten and have progressed to the regional competition, which will take place in July. The full 2007 winners list is online.

EPSRC Student Conference, July 2006

Adair Richards won the best talk and also won the "Best elevator pitch" prizes at the 2006 EPSRC Student Conference, held in Oxford 24-25 July 2006.

UKAffy, July 2006

Sam Robson won a prize for "best scientific content" at the 5th annual conference for users of Affymetrix microarray technologies.

Postgraduate Poster Competition, May 2006

Adair Richards came second in Warwick's first annual postgraduate poster competition, and along with the rest of the top ten went on to represent Warwick in the regional finals.

[Photo of Adair and his poster]