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July Team Development Course

07/07/09 - 10/07/09

The course took place in the grounds of Gregynog in North Wales. With 37 participants and the course tutors we proceeded to almost take over the entire facility.

Different activities across the three day event led to the creation of some wonderful ideas, three of which are shown below.

There was research into revival of the unicorn species:


Creation of a home-waste to energy convertor with high efficiency:


and nitrogen powered jet packs for all:

gregynog 4

But the event wasn't all just about making scientific proposals, or the other main activities of the event. A heavy emphasis on networking with your peers was also present, and the group took to this well, even sparking somewhat of an unexpected craze with ultimate frisbee for some members.

At the end of the event all members got together for a group photo

Gregynog 7 

Just to show what the place was like a few photos of the grounds are also displayed:

Gregynog 6 Gregynog 5 Gregynog 9 

img_0128.jpg Gregynog 13