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MOAC Seminars 2003-2004

Please note this is only a partial listing, created after the events.

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Autumn Term

Billiard Balls to Biology - Can you Count on Computers?

19 October 2003, Mike Allen (CSC/Physics)

Remarkable DNA Structural Effects Induced by Cylinders that Grab the Major Groove

5 November 2003, Mike Hannon (Chemistry)

Describing fluid membranes theoretically

11 November 2003, Matthew Turner (Physcis)

How the Immune System tells Friend from Foe

19 November 2003, Hugo van den Berg (Maths)

Cell entry and mode of action of Shiga toxin and ricin

26 November 2003, Daniel Smith (Biology)

Orientation of the unknown - IR spectroscopy and modelling of transmembrane helices

3 December 2003, Andreas Kukol

Spring Term

Atomistic Simulations of Biomacromolecules

14 January 2004, Mark Rodger (Chemistry)

c-Myc friend or friendly fire: regulating growth and regeneration in pancreatic islets

21 January 2004, Mike Khan

The "war" between a plant and a pathogen fuels an "arms race"

28 January 2004, Jim Beynon (HRI)

Two-Component System Signalling Networks in Myxobacteria: Social Development and Predatory Swarming

4 February 2004, David Whitworth (Biology)

Multiple Catalytic Function in the Alpha/Beta Hydrolase Family of Enzymes

11 February 2004, Tim Bugg (Chemistry)

3D structure of auxilin bound to clathrin cages determined by cryo-electron mircoscopy and single particle analysis

18 February 2004, Corinne Smith (Biology)

Networks emerging from stochastic perturbations of classical systems; a brief introduction to Wentzell and Freidlin's theory

25 February 2004, Luca Sbano (Maths)

Binding Plant Hormones

3 March 2004, Richard Napier (HRI)

Biological applications of electro-chemical scanned probe techniques

10 March 2004, Julie MacPherson (Chemistry)

Summer Term

How many shapes can a protein remember (in lattice models)?

5 May 2004, Robin Ball (Physics)

Correlating Interfacial Properties with Cell Physiology - Applications in Medicine and Ecology

12 May 2004, Anna Whitworth (Chemistry)

MOAC students into the real research world

26 May 2004
Short (2 minute) presentations from the MOAC MSc students at the end of their first research mini-projects.

Molecular Modelling of Biomacromolecules

2 June 2004, Syma Khalid (Oxford)

In vivo Tat-mediated import into plant cells

9 June 2004, Alessandra Di Cola (Biology)

Big Magnets and Metals: NMR and Mass Spectroscopy of Cu- and Zn- Binding Proteins

16 June 2004, Claudia Blindauer (Chemistry)


Weekly Seminars

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