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MOAC Seminars 2004-2005

Please note this is only a partial listing, created after the events.

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Autumn Term

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Spectroscopy

20 October 2004, Chris Wharton (Biology, Birmingham)

Circadian Rhythms

27 October 2004, Isabelle Carre (Biology)

Genome under tension: DNA unzipping & stretching

3 November 2005, Davide Marenduzzo

Macromolecular crowding: what is it and why is it important?

10 November 2005, John Ellis (Biology)

New bioconjugates for pegylation of proteins

17 Novemeber 2005, Guiseppe Mantovani

Remarkable DNA Structural Effects Induced by Cylinders that Grab the the Major Grove

5 November 2004, Mike Hannon (Chemistry)

Peptide and protein structure and folding studies with optical spectroscopy

24 November 2005, Tim Keilderling (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Co-ordinating behaviour: networking in the CNS

1 December 2005, Dawn Collins (Biology)

Spring Term

Modelling Cu(II) Active Site Structures in Metalloproteins

19 January 2005, Rob Deeth

Protein transport in bacteria

2 February 2005, Colin Robinson (Biology)

Looking at long molecules and their ligands: cytoskeletal proteins and carbon nanotubes

9 February 2005, Alison Rodger (Chemistry)

Shining light on protein structures

16 February 2005, Gwyndaf Evans (Diamond Light Source)

Logic-based Models for Biochemical Reactions and Metabolic Pathways

23 February 2005, Sara Kalvala (Computer Science)

A tree of trees: analysis of gene mobilities

2 March 2005, Nigel Burrougs (Mathematics)

Chemistry and Biology of Siderophone Biosynthesis in a Model Antibiotic-Producing Bacterium

9 March 2005, Greg Challis

Summer Term

Serine oligopeptidases: structure-function relationships and role

27 April 2005, Vilmos Fulop

Capillary rarefaction: a new mechanism for cardiovascular risk?

4 May 2005, Donald Singer

Protein translocation in archaea: taking proteins with a grain of salt

11 May 2005, Albert Bolhuis (Biology)

Nonlinear Aspects of Axonemal Beating

18 May 2005, Amit Chattopadhyay

The Paradox of Respiratory Syncytial Virus

25 May 2005, Graham Medley

Libraries of Metallo-Supramolecular Cylinders for DNA Major Groove Targeting

1 June 2005, Jessica Kerckhoffs

Cell wall biosynthesis and antibiotic resistance

8 June 2005, Chris Dowson

Insect pathogenic viruses of horticultural pests

15 June 2005, Doreen Winstanley

Summer "Unofficial" Seminar Series

Pathology : What is it really like?

6 July 2005, Hayley Dash (Bath)

All the World's a Network

20 July 2005, Ian Stewart (Mathematics)

Protein-Protein Interactions in Helical Transmembrane Domains: Implications for Membrane Protein Folding

10 August 2005, Ann Dixon (Chemistry)

The Active Membrane: The Role of Phosphoinositol Lipids

31 August 2005, Xavier Mulet (Imperial College)


Weekly Seminars

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