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MOAC Seminars 2006-2007

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Autumn Term

Derivation Of Irreversible Macroscopic Dynamics From Reversible Deterministic Microscopic Dynamics

11 October 2006, Dr. Florian Theil (Mathematics)
[Florian Theil Seminar Poster]


The Next Generation Of PEGylation And Synthetic Glycoproteins

18 October 2006, Prof. David Haddleton (Chemistry)
[David Haddleton Seminar Poster]


Arabidopsis Afternoon - In Collaboration With Systems Biology

25 October 2006, buffet lunch available from 12.30 in MOAC Common Room

[Seminar Poster]
  • 1.10-1.45pm - Dr. Vicky Buchanan (Warwick HRI)
    Characterisation of Signalling Pathways Regulating Gene Expression in Leaf Senescence
  • 2.00-2.30pm - Dr. Steve Jackson (Warwick HRI)
    Flowering Response to Day Length
  • 2.30-3.00pm - Dr. Isabelle Carre (Biology)
    Probing the Structure of an Oscillatory Network
  • 3.00-3.20pm - Tea
  • 3.20-4.00pm - Dr. Kieron Edwards (Edinburgh)
    From the cogs to the hands of the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock
  • 4.00-4.30pm - Professor Jim Beynon (Warwick HRI)
    Using Pathogenicity Effects to Probe the Plant Immune System
  • 4.30-5.00pm - Dr. Katherine Denby (Warwick HRI)
    Investigating the Botrysis-Arabidopsis Interaction


Stochastic Modelling Of Gene Switch: Bistability in the Lac Operon

1 November 2006, Dr. Luca Sbano (Mathematics)
[Luca Sbano Seminar Poster]


Moment Neuronal Networks : Towards A Theory Of Computation With Stochastic Systems

15 November 2006, Dr. Enrico Rossoni (Computer Science)
[Enrico Rossoni Seminar Poster]


Oxidation Of Methane By Bacteria And The Global Methane Cycle

22 November 2006, Prof. Colin Murrell (Biology)
[Colin Murrell Seminar Poster]


Histories Of Transitions Between Energy Levels In Molecules

29 November 2006, Dr. Volker Betz (Mathematics)
[Volker Betz Seminar Poster]


Predator- Prey Interactions In Microbial Communities: Modulations Of Resistance Phenotypes

6 December 2006, Prof. Elizabeth Wellington (Biology)
[Elizabeth Wellington Seminar Poster]


Spring Term

Protein targeting in seeds: routes and receptors

10 January 2007, Dr Lorenzo Frigerio (Biological Sciences)
[Lorenzo Frigerio Seminar Poster]


Modelling human decision making, from neurons to diffusions

17 January 2007, Dr Jochen Voβ (Maths)
[Jochen Voss Seminar Poster]


Making Molecules Jump Through Hoops

24 January 2007, Dr Guy Clarkson (Chemistry) (Cancelled)

Towards a Truly Biomimetic Olfactory Microsystem

31 January 2007, Dr James Covington (Engineering)
[James Covington Seminar Poster]


Coreceptor Modulation of TCR Avidity

7 February 2007, Dr Hugo van den Berg (Systems Biology)
[Hugo van den Berg Seminar Poster]


New Insights into Trace Gas Degradation by Marine Bacteria

14 February 2007, Dr Hendrik Schaefer (Biological Sciences)
[Hendrik Schaefer Seminar Poster]


Assembly and Annotation of a Genome

21 February 2007, Dr Laura Baxter (Warwick HRI)


Designed Evolution of Artificial Enzymes

28 February 2007, Dr Marc Creus (Universite de Neuchatel)
[Marc Creus Seminar Poster]


Quantitative Methods to Study the Proteome

7 March 2007, Dr Kathryn Lilley (Cambridge Systems Biology Institute)
[Kathryn Lilley Seminar Poster]


The c-myc oncogene: Driving or stalling cancer?

14 March 2007, Dr Stella Pelengaris (Warwick Medical School)
[Stella Pelengaris Seminar Poster]


Summer Term

Supracolloidal Structures through liquid-liquid interface driven assembly

2 May 2007, Stefan Bon (Chemistry)
[Stefan Bon Seminar Poster]

Making Molecules Jump Through Hoops

9 May 2007, Guy Clarkson (Chemistry)
[Guy Clarkson Seminar Poster

The in Silico Gene Network - Integrating Data Sources of Transcriptional Regulations

16 May 2007, Sascha Ott (Systems Biology)
[Sascha Ott Seminar Poster]

Department of Biological Sciences Postgraduate Symposium

23 May 2007

Lessons from Imaging - a Cautionary Tale from Bacterial Chemotaxis

30 May 2007, George Wadhams (Department of Biochemistry, Oxford)
[George Wadhams Seminar Poster]

Models, Diets and Diabetes

6 June 2007, Victor Zammit, Medical School

[Victor Zammit Seminar Poster]

Amazing Genetic Diversity Reveals How the Plant Immune System Prevents Epidemics

13 June 2007, Jim Beynon, Warwick HRI

[Jim Beynon Seminar Poster]


Summer Holiday

Open Day Seminars

11 July 2007, as part of a DTC open day:

  • Central neural control of energy balance and bodyweight. Ratchada Pattaranit, MOAC PhD student
  • To signal or not to signal? That is the question. Ben Smith, MOAC PhD student


Weekly Seminars

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