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MOAC Seminars 2005-2006

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Autumn Term

The Impact of Phages on Photosynthesis in the Oceans

26 October 2005, Nick Mann (Biology)
[No poster]

Carbohydrate recognition and HIV infection

2 November, Dan Mitchell (Warwick Medical School)
[Dan Mitchell Seminar Poster]

Synthetic Catalysts for Chemical Transformations

9 November 2005, Martin Wills (Chemistry)
[Martin Wills Seminar Poster]

Signalling Networks in Social Predators: Two-Component Systems of the Myxobacteria

16 November 2005, Dave Whitworth (Biology)
[Dave Whitworth Seminar Poster]

The Use of Mass Spectrometry in the Characterisation of Biopharmaceuticals

23 November 2005, Andrew Reason (MD of M-Scan)
[Andrew Reason Seminar Poster]

Protein disulphide-isomerase; catalyst and chaperone of protein folding in the secretory pathway

30 November 2005, Robert Freedman (Biology)
[No poster]

Spring Term

Quantitative investigations into the risks for the detection of tuberculosis in cattle herds in GB

11 January 2006, Laura Green (Biology)
[No poster]

A Novel Mechanism for the Translation of Messenger RNA

18 January 2006, Andrew Easton (Biology)
[No poster]

Self-Assembling Structures Using Hydrogen Bonds

25 January 2006, Andrew Marsh (Chemistry)
[No poster]

Challenges and Opportunities for the Chemical and Other Sciences in the 21st Century

1 Feburary 2006, Rodney Townsend (Royal Society of Chemistry)
[Rodney Townsend Seminar Poster]

Dissection of a protein transporter

8 Feburary 2006, Colin Robinson (Biology)
[Colin Robinson Seminar Poster]

Design of Supracolloidal Structures Through Self-Organisation

15th Feburary 2006, Stefan Bon (Chemistry)
[Stefan Bon Seminar Poster]

Natural and Artificial Exploitation of Humoral Innate Immunity - Prions and Beyond

22nd February 2006, Daniel Mitchell (Warwick Medical School)
[Daniel Mitchell Seminar Poster]

G-Protein Coupled Receptors Biology - the Paradigm of CRH and Its Receptors

1st March 2006, Dimitris Grammatopoulos (Warwick Medical School)
[Dimitris Grammatopoulos Seminar Poster]

Ligand-Gated Ion Channels: Macromolecular Machines at Work

8st March 2006, Martin Lochner (Chemistry)
[No poster]

Summer Term

The mathematics of obesity

3rd May 2006, Hugo van den Berg (Mathematics/MOAC/Systems Biology)
[Hugo van den Berg Seminar Poster]

Probing Hydrogen Bonding by Solid-State NMR

10th May 2006, Steven Brown (Physics)
[No poster]

Biological Sciences Annual Postgraduate Symposium

There will be no MOAC Seminar on 17th May 2006.
[No poster]

A Frog's Eye View of Development!

24th May 2006, Elizabeth Oliver Jones (Biology)
[No poster]

Analysing the Walk of Myosin Motor Proteins

31st May 2006, Matthew Turner (Physics)
[No poster]

Analysing Gene Networks in the Amphibian Embryo

7th June 2006, Hugh Woodland (Biology)
[No poster]

MOAC PhD Project Introductions (Part I)

14th June 2006, from 1pm to 3pm
[No poster]

Department of Chemistry Annual Postgraduate Symposium

There will be no MOAC Seminar on 21st June 2006
[No poster]

MOAC PhD Project Introductions (Part II)

28th June 2006, from 1pm to 3pm
[No poster]


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