Elisabeth expressed the desire not to have our new house immediately looking cluttered and proceeded to do the most amazing sort through of her boxes of school papers - it nearly killed us carrying them down from the loft where she had hidden them. The consequence of that and my efforts is that now the two (yes - we keep quiet about it) recycling blue bins are now full but not collected until next week, the brown garden rubbish bin is full, the normal green rubbish bins are full, the hallway is full of stuff I want to get to Carriers of Hope tomorrow or Friday, the skip was already full (hope to fix that today), and we still have more hiding places. We think we are looking less cluttered but I am not convinced anyone else would believe us! Anyway the garden looks wonderful - and decluttered. Our church gardening crew are amazing (I don't think they are available for hire but they could set up a business!) and have executed various things Mark had mentioned he'd like to do.