It is extremely helpful for a doing person like me to have a plan I need to execute that doesn't need much thinking at the moment. People seem surprised at how well we are holding it together. On a human level I think it is having positive things to do that are executing the plan we had all decided on. On a non-human level it is a clear illustration of the power of prayer. I even had the patience not to say anything for days as Elisabeth debated about the trip to Sydney - now that is a miracle! I am almopst certain we'll both be going. I have more than filled my luggage allowance without any clothes but then I have survived in Sydney for 5 weeks with that I had already taken. It was quite fun choosing two mugs each for the new house etc. The second skip is full up (the attic junk pile filled it up) and Stuart moved the last of Mark's woodchip pile into its final resting place in the garden yesterday before going back to Heathrow - I hope he didn't ache too much on the flight as a result! So now we can recover the driveway. Why oh why does it take selling the house to give incentive to make it look like we always imagined???