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Agilent Technologies: Developers of the Genespring GX gene expression analysis suite

Affymetrix: Suppliers of microarray Genechips©

Qiagen: Suppliers of RNA extraction kits

Nikon: Manufacturers of the TE 2000s microscope and SL microcut laser capture system

Ambion: Suppliers of RNaseZap (spray for removing/destroying RNases)


Matlab: Maths related numerical programming environment and programming language

R: Statistics based programming environment and programming language

Bioconductor: Library of packages written in R for use in bioinformatics and data analysis, particularly for microarray data

tcl/tk: Widget based programming language for GUI construction


Dr. Michael Khan: Head of Molecular Medicine at the University of Warwick, and Director of the Lipid and Cardiovascular Risk Clinic at the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire

Dr. Stella Pelengaris: Senior Research Fellow in Molecular Medicine at the Medical school at the University of Warwick

Professor David Epstein: Emeritus Professor at the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick


Dr. Helen Bird: Head of Molecular Biology Services at the University of Warwick

Dr. Heather Turner: Research Fellow in the Statistics Department at the University of Warwick

Dr. Ewan Hunter: Agilent technologies

Dr. Lesley Ward: Molecular Biology Services personnel at the University of Warwick

Dr. Susan Davis: Molecular Biology Services personnel at the University of Warwick

Doctoral Training Centres

Life Sciences Interface : Program set up by the EPSRC to 'empower the engineering and physical sciences communities to engage with the life sciences.'

LSI DTC Oxford: Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Oxford

Chemical Biology Centre: Imperial College, London

White Rose DTC: Doctoral Training Centres at the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield

Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells : Doctoral training centre, University of Warwick


Molecular Biology Service: Sequencing, genotyping, real-time PCR, and microarray services for the University of Warwick Biology department

Introduction to R: An introduction to using R, created by Sam Robson, Martin Edwards and Peter Cock

ChipClub: University of Warwick microarray user's group

Warwick Graduate School: Providing administrative support, advice and assistance for postgraduate students at the University of Warwick

University of Warwick Library: University of Warwick library services online

University of Warwick Tae Kwon Do Club: Website for the Warwick practitioners of the Korean military martial art of Tae Kwon Do

R/TclTk help page: Extremely useful help pages for using Tcl/Tk GUI construction widgets in R (written by James Wettenhall)

R/TclTk Forum: Forum for developers using TclTk GUI component widgets in R

Thesis Submission Guide: Information on successful thesis submissions, including a 'Guide to Examinations for Higher Degrees by Research'

Warwick Systems Biology Centre: Newly built centre for systems biology at the University of Warwick

Sam Robson

Contact Me:


S dot C dot Robson at warwick dot ac dot uk


MOAC Doctoral Training Centre
Coventry House
University of Warwick