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Protein exclusion from the eukaryotic cell nucleus: experimental design

This miniproject was undertaken at ZMBH (Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie), Ruprecht-Karls University, Heidelberg, Germany.

My supervisors for this project are Markus Kirklionis, Dirk Görlich and Thomas Güttler.

Wk5: Research.

Wk6/7/8/9: Cloned stuff, did expression of sorts and purifications of protein of choice.

***MOAC conference***

Wk10: Literature research for MINIPROJECT 3 concerned with modelling protein exclusion and building up a better picture of what's in the nucleus.

Q: What factors does the RanGTP gradient affect?

Q: What determines what is excluded?

Wk11: Automated gel filtration.

Wk12: Protein exclusion experiments.


This project is being funded by EPSRC, Modelling and Simulation in the Life Sciences, Warwick, with support from the Royal Society, BBSRC and the European Union.

*Image from ZMBH website.


ZMBH, INF.282*


Markus Kirkilionis


Dirk Görlich


Thomas Güttler