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Barry Silver

 MSc Miniprojects


Miniproject 1 : Monitoring hormone levels in vivo (theoretical).

[Supervisors : Prof.R.Napier (HRI) ]

Using 'Biacore' data obtained from surface plasmon resonance phenomena we attempt to model the binding kinetics of an antibody and ligand.

All this in order to develop a working protocol that determines abscisic acid concentrations in living plants in real time. Strange effects galore.

Miniproject 2: Protein crystallization using electrolysis (biophysical)

[ Supervisor : Prof.P.Unwin (Chemistry) ]

Crystallization of lysozyme.

Miniproject 3: The Development of a fluorescent assay for the pheromone response pathway in fission yeast (exp.biology)

[Supervisor : Ben Smith (MOAC) ] . Does what it says on the tin.






The Laws of Thermodynamics

1. You cannot win

2. You cannot break even.

3. You cannot get out of the game.