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Evyenia Shaili

Life Before MOAC (1999-2008)

I have undertaken my Secondary Education in Cyprus (Graduated in 2005). Then, I completed my B.Sc. in Biomedical Chemistry (2005-2008) at University of Warwick, where I managed to obtain a First Classs Honours degree. My course was comprised of 80% Chemistry and 20% Biology, something which gave me the opportunity to develop good foundations in both sectors.

MSc Year (2008-2009)

After the succesfull completion of the MSc taught part which entailed modules such as mathematical modelling, foundations in statistics, numerical methods and biophysical techniques, I have undertaken 3 eight-week research projects. These are summarized below:

  • Simulating Diffusion on Lipid membranes during FRAP, using MATLAB (Supervisor Dr. Till Bretschneider)
  • Looking at interactions of aureins (small peptides) on model membranes (liposomes) using Linear and Circular Dichroism (Supervisor Dr. Matthew R Hicks)
  • Labelling PDI (Protein Disulfide Isomerase) with fluorescent tags at the two catalytic sites (Prof. Robert Freedman)

Doing an MSc at MOAC, allowed not only the development of my research skills but also communicating science in an effective way. This was achieved by the continuous emphasis on oral and poster presentations and completing the transferrable skills modules. I was able to complete my MSc with Distinction.

PhD (2009- 2013)

My PhD is focused on anticancer photochemotherapy using Platinum(IV) anticancer complexes (link above).

You can contact me at:

Me at my BSc graduation