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Edward Harry

I have a background in Physics. I joined MOAC because I’m interested in applying physical principles such as statistical mechanics and emergent complexity to biological systems.

Before MOAC

More details about what I did before joining MOAC. Before MOAC

MiniProject 1: Mechanics of Chromosome Alignment

Looking at the effect of motor protein inhibition on chromosome oscillations in metaphase. MiniProject 1

MiniProject 2: Artificial Active Physical Networks

Simulations of the cellular cytoskeleton. At the request of the project supervisor further details are confidential.

MiniProject 3: Biodegradable Polymers for Tissue Engineering

Designing a microstereolithography resin to build 3D, non-toxic, biodegradable polymers for tissue engineering. MiniProject 3

PhD: Chromosome Navigation: Finding the Way to the Spindle Equator

Tracking kinetochores/chromosomes in mitotic cells from nuclear envelope breakdown to metaphase plate formation. PhD


e dot harry at warwick dot ac dot uk